Perhaps you’re currently working full-time, but know that you were born to be your own boss. Maybe you’ve got a burning idea that won’t go away, or an urge to build something, solve a problem, make a difference.

But where do you start? What about the risks? How do you get connections, money, support?

Rubicon exists to change all that

62% of of the Belgian workforce dreams of becoming self-employed in their pursuit of freedom and purpose. Few take action.

Our incubator program assembles high-level professionals to kick-start entrepreneurial journeys.

  • 15 carefully selected entrepreneurial minds

  • 4 intense days in a breath-taking location

  • 1 epic journey across the Rubicon


Who’s it for?

Highly driven, coach-able and caring human beings:

  • currently with or without a business idea
  • that want to break free from the golden cage of the corporate career path
  • to start a self-employed activity (consultancy….)
  • or buy-in to/join/launch a start-up or small business
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