More people want to become self-employed in 2019. New research reveals who’s making the change and why they’re doing it.

Why people want to work for themselves

It seems that most respondents of a study want a better work/life balance, with many wanting to follow their passion and choose the work they do.

Choice %
I want a better work / life balance 45.63
I want to choose what work I do 43.92
I believe the sense of achievement would be greater 35.48
I want to follow my passion 34.57
I would like to work fewer hours 29.75
I believe I could earn more as my boss / going freelance 28.94
I would like to fit work around family commitments 27.04
I’m sceptical of the current employment landscape 15.98
None of the above 1.71

Source: Freeagent (2019, UK)

Worth the gamble

It appears that it’s worth the gamble. In a separate survey from the AXA, 82% of people say that their life is ‘much improved’ since they started working for themselves. Only 7% say that life is harder being their own boss.

Finding the confidence to become self-employed

Drumming up enough self-belief is the biggest barrier to people who want to work for themselves.

When asked what was stopping them, half of respondents put it down to a lack of self-confidence rather than the financial and practical sides of self-employment.

If self-confidence is the reason why people don’t take a next step then it’s all about shifting the mindset to think possible.