Mathias Lamiroy

CEO of Rubicon, serial entrepreneur & transformative coach for entrepreneurs

Founder of successful companies in several industries.

His skills will help you:

  • deal with typical dilemma’s as an aspiring entrepreneur & founder
  • self-reflect on how to overcome typical obstacles on your path
  • receive a kick-in-the-but to get your everlasting go-to-market done

Charlotte De Vos

Ex-captain of the National Hockey team, entrepreneur and transformative coach for entrepreneurs

Mental coach for entrepreneurs and top athletes:

Her skills will help you:

  • discover your entrepreneurial purpose based on who you are
  • create a powerful mindset to overcome any obstacle
  • help you realize who you mentally & physically need to be to thrive

Mario Haneca

Unicorn builder & transformative coach for entrepreneurs

Before starting his career as a coach, he helped Showpad to achieve Unicorn status. Now he helped over 80 entrepreneurs & CEO’s realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

His skills will help you:

  • take away fears & beliefs that hold you back
  • realize who you need to be to make your dreams reality
  • grow outside your comfort zone

Domien Declercq

Business Developer

Before Rubicon, his own start-up taught him the value of stepping out of the comfort zone to grow.

Now he puts this energy in helping aspiring entrepreneurs to cross the Rubicon.

Enzo Mazza

Business Developer

With a dual Master in Hospitality & Finance he is passionate about entrepreneurship and hospitality.

Today he helps Rubicon to scale internationally.

Lisbeth Nijssen

Marketing Manager

With a master in Communication Management she is passionate about digital marketing.

Today she uses her passion to help people cross the Rubicon.