Live life on your own terms

You work hard. The house, the car, the fancy title on your business card: check. The ski trip, something beach-bound in Summer, two city trips a year? Also check. All by the book.


Something’s off. On paper, you’ve checked all the boxes. Yet reality seems unconvincing. What you have is nice, yes. But you need it to be different, better. What you want is impact. More freedom. To be your own boss. To work on your own project.

You know that there’s more to all of this, that there’s another way. Why else are you here?

Work on the right dream: yours.

Some people work hard on their employer’s dream. Others freelance for their clients. Only a handful build their own ideas. And why wouldn’t you be one of them? You’ve got the brains, you’re bursting with potential and you’re as hands-on as they come.

Yes, but. You stumble all over yourself. Your idea doesn’t have quite enough edge, you don’t have a sparring partner, starting a business costs money, you don’t know how to go about it, you’re doubting the whole endeavour. You just don’t see it happening.

But we do.

And soon, you will, too.

Because our mission is to prove to you that you can do it.

We all hold different dreams and beliefs. This is why we constructed the program regardless of the entrepreneurial stage you are currently in and made it highly personalized (intake, individual coaching, small group assignments…)

We learn best by doing, not by sitting in a classroom. Concepts are important but it’s only when we interact, stimulate self-reflection and implement new ideas that we truly understand them. Why not do it while hiking up a mountain?

It’s not handing you the perfect marketing tool or financial model that will make you a successful entrepreneur. It’s dealing with your fears, beliefs & assumptions and creating clarity through coaching that will allow you to tackle any obstacle on your path.

Communities are support networks of like-minded people who get it. They give us confidence, hold us accountable, give us new perspectives, exciting ideas, valuable connections, and different ways of doing things. By carefully selecting the best participants we know your experience will be outstanding.

Receive the programme details & discover how to live life on your own terms.

For Whom?

  • Highly driven, coach-able people
  • With or without business idea
  • Desire to break free from the golden corporate cage
  • Desire to start a self-employed activity (consultancy, start-up, acquisition….)